Joseph Pierce - Animation Director

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Stand Up

Told through a single stand-up comedy routine, John J Jones performs to an unforgiving audience. As he loses their interest, his body rebels against him, and the truth behind the one-liners leaks through the cracks. This is car-crash comedy at its most compulsive.

Jury Award – London Intl Animation Festival ’09
Canal+ Cinema Award – Festival Premier Plans, Angers ’09
Best Animation – CurtoCircuito Film Festival, Spain ’09
First Prize – Media School Film Festival, Lodz, Poland ’08
French Critics Prize – Recontres Henri Langlois Festival ’08
Jury Grand Prize – Recontres Henri Langlois Festival ’08
Best British Film – London Intl Animation Festival ’08
Best Animation – Rushes, Soho Shorts Festival, ’08

Kodak Prize for Filmmaking – Encounters Film Festival, ’08